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CONSUMER CAUSE FIRST is a registered Society established in 1994, with Regn. NO.S-26796/94 devoted to the cause of strengthening and accelerating the pace of the consumer protection movement in the country particularly in the rural areas. It aims to promote awareness and legal literacy among common consumers and social workers, and expose and oppose all forms of unhealthy and unfair trade practices and exploitation of consumers in respect of goods and services. To achieve this the Society shall take recourse to legal, executive and legislative remedies by mobilizing public opinion and orchestrating social action. It proposes to effectively intervene and take appropriate action wherever violations of the Consumer Protection Act and other enactments, rules and regulations take place to safeguard the interest of consumers and work towards speedy remedies.

It will be the endeavour of the Society to review the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act and other statutory and nonstatutory measures and suggest amendments wherever called for. It will work to foster greater accountability together with transparency on the fact of the producer of goods as also in respect of provision of services and to set up a vigilance mechanism to identify infractions with regard to price, weight/measurement, quality, ISO and ISI specifications, and safety and environmental norms. It will monitor and study emerging industrial and trade environment following the economic reform programmes initiated by government and assess its impact on consumers. It will analyse the impact of the operations of MNCs and TNCs on consumers and small and village industries as a result of cartelisation and high-power publicity campaigns and suggest corrective action and will maintain links with central and state governments, international organisations, nongovernmental organisations, like-minded voluntary organisations and evolve common programmes and joint strategies to protect the interests of consumers. It will develop a data-base and an information system which will be of use to consumers and organise seminars and workshops and multi-media publicity campaigns. It will also institute legal proceedings wherever called for and become necessary under public interest litigation to protect the interest of law abiding citizens.

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