International  Centre  for  Spiritual  Awakening

The International Centre of Spiritual Awakening was established in 1994 with the Regn. No.S-26799/94, and aims to promote understanding and amity between different communities of the world by undertaking and promoting the study of their past and present cultures, by disseminating and exchanging knowledge thereof and by providing such other facilities as would lead to their universal appreciation. It endeavours to undertake, organise and facilitate the study courses, conferences, seminars,lectures and research in matters relating to different cultural patterns of the world. The International Centre for Spiritual Awakening undertakes, facilitates and provides for the publication of newsletters, research papers and books and of a journal for the exposition of cultural patterns and values prevailing in different parts of the world. Its efforts are aimed to acquaint the general public with the beliefs, customs, and historical sources of different religions and religious traditions of the world, and to encourage and promote the understanding of the beliefs and customs of the various religious groups and their varied denominations. It strives to foster interfaith communication, and inter-religious and inter-denominational understanding and harmony. It also undertakes, organises and facilitates study courses, conferences, seminars, lectures and research in matters relating to various religions of the world. It encourages studies of comparative religion.

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